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Exam revision tips and techniques

Studying for exams - let alone just cramming in as much information as you can from lectures, books, and notes - may seem overwhelming.

You may wonder what it takes to develop a first-class memory so that you can recall details at a moment's notice and in high-pressure situations. Whether this is remembering facts for tests, memorising figures for meetings or learning questions and answers for interviews, there are techniques and tricks that you can use to boost your memory powers. This guide has been put together by our experienced team to share all the best tips and techniques for high-performance memory skills. It can help you remember more, recall accurately and even learn faster.

Final Exam Tips

Round up of exam preparation and memory techniques covered by our free revision quide.

Revising for geography exams

Exam revision and memory techniques for students – revising for geography exams, tips on becoming more geo savvy to help you in your exams.

Revising for history exams

Time and Date Stamping: Getting to Know History – revision guide for students for history exams

Igniting Your Memory – guide for students

Igniting your memory to aid recollection for exams – memory tips and techniques that can help expand your capacity to store, remember, and
recall for exams.

Last Minute Revision Techniques

Guide for students to who left their revision to the last minute. This guide includes some of the sneaky and risky methods that lecturers won’t tell you.

The Major and Dominic Memory Systems

These two advanced and powerful memory recall systems require a significant amount of time or you to understand what they can do and to master how to apply them.

Mnemonics in Exam Revision

As exam day approaches, it is important to think more closely about how you can use mnemonics.

Maths Specific Revision Techniques

Revising for maths exams with revision and memory techniques specifically to help you in your maths exams.

Polished Presentation Revision

On top of revising, you may be feeling pressured to put together a polished presentation that shows you’ve prepared, memorized, and rehearsed.

Revision Strategies

Creating a revision strategy for success in your exams – exam revising strategies explained.

Science and ICT Exam Revision

Revising for science and ICT exams – simplyfing revision for ICT and science examinations.